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Air & Surface Treatment

Mediate/Eliminate Viruses, Bacteria, VOCs, Smoke, Allergens, Odors

Active Photocatalytic Oxidation Technology

UVAIRx technology moves air treatment out of the passive mode and into the active.  It’s a major advancement, for it means air must no longer pass through a treatment chamber to be cleansed of viruses, bacterium, mold spores, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other contaminants.  THe UVAIRx unit actively outputs a continuous stream of molecules which attack and destroy the pathogens on a 24X7 basis, in a highly effective process, which is safe for both humans and animals.


The difference is the active Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) 

technology of the UVAIRx core.

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2D Coverage

3D Coverage



Ux 105






Wall mount

500-1000 sq/ft

2000-7000 sq/ft

3500-15000 sq/ft

4000-8000 cu/ft

16000-56000 cu/ft


28000-120000 cu/ft

Used extensively for a multitude of general disinfection purposes, and also used to “reinforce” entry and exit points of large installations.  The PLUS unit is only available to treat large areas with serious VOC, mold or spore issues.


Ux 20#







Dual In-Duct

2000 sq/ft

5000 sq/ft

10000 sq/ft

16000 cu/ft

40000 scu/ft

80000 cu/ft

Smaller rooms and spaces, mounted inside HVAC duct-work

Large rooms and spaces; mounted in HVAC duct-work

Very large rooms and spaces; mounts inside HVAC ductwork

Ux 307 Studio.jpg

Ux 307



Wall mount



1500 sq/ft



12000 cu/ft

Small rooms where it is not cost effective to use an In-duct system or where there are no ducts.  Units have Adjustable treatment control, (250 to 1500 square feet) and "Away Mode” for concentrated treatment of unoccupied spaces.

Ux 307





20000 sq/ft



160000 cu/ft

Large spaces that does not have HVAC duct-work or where higher output is needed; such as warehouse space

The Technology


The story begins in 1903 with scientist Niels Finsen. His research verified the naturally disruptive impact of 254 nm wavelength (ultravioliet or UV) light on RNA and DNA.  It also won him the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

Now, fast-forward that Nature-based finding some 55 years. A researcher began exploring ways to maximize the RNA/DNA disruption effect of UV light while overcoming the major limitation—that of the requirement for very close contact between the light wave and the target (see “Target Talk” graph below).  The successful system he discovered served as the catalyst for UVAIRx next-generation technology.

In fact, the technology serving as the foundation for UVAIRx products:

  • generates a process called active photocatalytic oxidation (PCO)

  • forms and releases large clusters of positively and negatively charged ions:  Multi-Clustered Ions (MCIs)

  • attacks microbes (bacteria, viruses, volitile organic compounds (VOCs), allergens, molds, and odors), wherever they exist in the indoor environment

  • continues to treat the environment with MCIs on a 7X24 basis

  • has been proven unequivocally by lindependent universities and laboratories on a global basis to be highly effective and safe

  • is at work in many clinical, commercial, and residential buildings, as well as on the International Space Station.


UVAIRx has further enhanced the microbial-killing effectiveness and efficiency of the root technology by more than 50%.  Unlike other Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Systems (i.e. HEPA filtration, Germincidal UV, UV Robots, Negative Ionizers, Ozonators), UVAIRx products destroy microbes in the air, on surfaces, and in crevices, on a continual basis, with a technology that is safe for humans and animals.

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